Annuities Can Fill Investing Gaps

Presented by Richard Mangiameli   Fixed Index Annuities are celebrating their 20th anniversary.  The first index annuity came out in 1995, and by 1997 there were over three dozen life insurance companies that created their own variation.  Over this time frame, more than $400 Billion has been used to purchase this powerful planning product. Even today you will hear clients asking about the Hybrid Fixed Annuity.  When we hear “Hybrid” we associate that with a lot of different products – we mostly hear it in the automobile industry.  But today in the insurance and financial planning industry, many agents are being asked by their prospective clients about the “Hybrid” annuity, and that prospect or client is asking about the Fixed Index Annuity.  What they hear and read is about “hybrid index strategies/indices” and the “hybrid income riders”. It’s time to brush up on your knowledge of Fixed Index Annuities – the Hybrid Fixed Index Annuity! For more information, give Richard Mangiameli, LUTCF, FSS of Financial Brokerage a call at 800-397-9999.
Long Term Care and Disability Insurance

Business Overhead Expense (BOE) Disability Protection for your Client’s…

Presented by Leonard Berthelsen   We sometimes don’t give much thought about a client’s business beyond the potential conversations regarding Buy/Sell, Key Man and Owner Disability Income coverage.  There is a huge potential risk to a business due to a disability affecting the owner or owners.  Think in terms of protecting the business from a disability, not just the individual. BOE protection does just that.  It protects the business from an owner’s disability allowing it to continue to operate. Most small businesses are family or closely held companies that would be significantly impacted if the owner were disabled and not able to work or to participate in the daily direction of the business.  Most companies would no longer thrive and many would just simply fail as a result. A BOE policy can be the life-line that protects and saves a business.  Imagine for a moment your client that has a small business and the owner is involved in the daily operation.  He has a couple of employees, a business loan, heat, lights and a mortgage to pay each month along with continually generating new business.  A disability occurs to this owner and he is not able to be involved in his own business on a daily basis.  How is payroll going to be met?  How will he pay the light and gas bill on time?  Who is generating new business?  If the owner is unable to be involved in the day to day functions of the business, then that business will undoubtedly suffer as a result of the owner’s absence. Insurance coverage (BOE) to pay those monthly bills will allow the business to remain open.  If a sale of that business becomes necessary due to the owner’s disability, then a calculated well thought out business plan can be put in place to accomplish that.  Contact your Financial Brokerage Sales Manager at 800-397-9999 to learn more about the Business Overhead Expense plan that just might save your client’s business.
Life Insurance

“Men of Steel”

Presented by Gary Peterson   Do you have clients who think they are Superman in Clark Kent bodies?  We have a carrier that will rate them preferred plus even if they are standard non-smoker.  Please review the link below and let’s make them “Men of Steel”. Click here
Life Insurance

Three ways for a Property and Casualty Agency to…

Presented by Brian Leising   Are you concerned about losing clients to your competition?  Looking for new ways to boost your retention rates and grow revenue?  The average client retention rate is 10% higher when agencies cross-sell products.  Many agencies fail to effectively cross-sell life insurance because they do just a few basic things the wrong way.  You need a plan.  Here are three items that all successful agencies use to sell life insurance to their auto and homeowners’ clients: Have a system in place to ask for life insurance business.  It doesn’t matter what system you use, have one and use it.  One agent I know has a dollar bill and sign on his desk that says “This dollar is yours if I don’t ask you about life insurance.”  Do you send out annual review letters or e-mails?  Be sure you include life insurance.  You could also play a video in your office waiting area.  The LIFE organization has several “Real Life Stories” available at Work on this first, then check back next week for part two.
Pension Planning

Working Small Business Retirement Plans

If You Can Find The Prospects
American National’s Pension Planning Division Can Do the Rest
There has never been a better time to be in this market for small businesses. New tax laws contain numerous provisions designed to encourage the establishment of pension and profit sharing plans in the small business. Let us help you capitalize on the renewed interest by prospects as they become aware of the advantages contained in the new law.

Five Easy Steps:

  1. Find and Speak with Prospects About Small Business Pension Planning
  2. Submit a Census Form (Basic Information About Their Staff) to American National
  3. American National Prepares New or Alternative Plan Options
  4. American National Installs and Administers the Plan
  5. You Get Paid
Additional information: View the Retirement Plan Review Webinar Pension Design Questionnaire 2014 – Fillable Pension Sales Guide Small Business Retirement Bro – 9011 Why American National?