Cash in on Your Success

Success Shares are unlimited, simple to calculate and easy to track. Plus, Financial Brokerage offers redemption at multiple levels with a very low minimum. You can spend your Success Shares as they are earned for business building initiatives, cash, or save them for the annual incentive destination. It’s all up to you. Infinite Possibilities There is no limit to the number of Success Shares an individual can earn and redeem. You can take an exciting trip and cash in the balance to apply them toward business expenses such as E&O coverage or marketing outreach initiatives. Earn it. Keep it. It’s Yours! Once you have met the minimum number of Success Shares needed, you’re ready to benefit from Shared Success®. You may redeem your Success Shares at any time once you have earned 15,000 Success Shares in a calendar year. At the time you redeem your first 15,000 Success Shares, Financial Brokerage will send you $500 cash. Thereafter, you may receive $500 cash for every 15,000 Success Shares you redeem. The cash is yours to use however you wish.