XRAE Underwriting Tool Information & Training

XRAE is a web-based field underwriting tool we have adopted to give our producers the underwriting expertise necessary to ask all the right questions of their clients, submit the case details to us electronically for evaluation, track all of your quick-quote cases and the communications related to them, and receive rapid responses.

By adopting XRAE, we are not only giving our producers a unique benefit but are also plugging our agency directly into the underwriting minds of the carriers, giving us access to proprietary, unpublished underwriting rules which will enable us to give you quick-quotes based on rules to which other producers do not have access. You can also access XRAE from your iPhone, Blackberry or other mobile device!

Look for the “Lite” version of XRAE in the term quote engine!

With XRAE you will:
Quote the right class up front and avoid surprises
Gain considerable underwriting expertise
Obtain quick-quotes from us that will beat the competition!