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Is your insurance agency missing out on potential life insurance sales? Do you have newly licensed staff members you need to get up to speed quickly with multiple product lines? If individual life insurance is NOT your main line of business, this webinar series is for you!

Many agencies fail to reach their full potential with life insurance sales because they don’t ask clients the right questions, don’t feel confident with the process or don’t understand the options available to clients. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to confidently quote, present and sell life insurance through your agency.
Register » Life Insurance Quoting – Getting Started With A Basic Price Comparison
Wednesday, January 19th 11:00am CST

Register » Life Insurance Quoting – Beyond The Price, What Else Is Included?
Wednesday, February 2nd 11:00am CST

Register » Life Insurance Allocation Tool – A Quiz For Your Clients
Wednesday, February 16th 11:00am CST

Register » MYTHBUSTED! – Four reasons for life insurance in retirement
Wednesday, March 2nd 11:00am CST

Register » Permanent Life Insurance Decoded – How to tell one product from another
Wednesday, March 16th 11:00am CST

Register » Real-Time Client Analysis – Software that prompts relevant questions and suggestions during a conversation. It’s like having an expert on your desktop!
Wednesday, March 30th 11:00am CST