Three ways for a Property and Casualty Agency to Sell More Life Insurance (Part 1)

Presented by Brian Leising


Are you concerned about losing clients to your competition?  Looking for new ways to boost your retention rates and grow revenue?  The average client retention rate is 10% higher when agencies cross-sell products.  Many agencies fail to effectively cross-sell life insurance because they do just a few basic things the wrong way.  You need a plan.  Here are three items that all successful agencies use to sell life insurance to their auto and homeowners’ clients:

Have a system in place to ask for life insurance business.  It doesn’t matter what system you use, have one and use it.  One agent I know has a dollar bill and sign on his desk that says “This dollar is yours if I don’t ask you about life insurance.”  Do you send out annual review letters or e-mails?  Be sure you include life insurance.  You could also play a video in your office waiting area.  The LIFE organization has several “Real Life Stories” available at

Work on this first, then check back next week for part two.

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