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Established in 1995, Financial Brokerage is a leading independent insurance brokerage firm located in Omaha, Nebraska. Large enough to offer all the services you would expect and more, but small enough where you’ll never feel like you’re just a number. Financial Brokerage represents the top insurance carriers in the industry for Life, Fixed Annuity, Long and Short-Term Care, Disability, and Medicare Supplement product lines.

August 2023

Spring 2023

Is your insurance agency missing out on potential life insurance sales? Do you have newly licensed staff members you need to get up to speed quickly with multiple product lines? If individual life insurance is NOT your main line of business, this webinar series is for you!
Life Insurance Quoting – Getting Started With A Basic Price Comparison
Life Insurance Quoting – Beyond The Price, What Else Is Included?
Life Insurance Allocation Tool – A Quiz For Your Clients
MYTHBUSTED! – Four reasons for life insurance in retirement
Permanent Life Insurance Decoded – How to tell one product from another
Real-Time Client Analysis – Software that prompts relevant questions and suggestions during a conversation. It’s like having an expert on your desktop!
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