Help Relieve your Clients’ Policy Loan Burden

Help Relieve your Clients’ Policy Loan Burden
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

During a client review you discover that your client has a life insurance policy that has accumulated cash value. However, you also see that loans have been taken from the policy to pay premiums or for funds for your client. Because the policy may not be performing as expected, the interest rate on the loan is a bit high and mortality costs have decreased…the policy is in danger of lapsing.

What do you do next?

Check out this quick video to learn more about the options available.


Sales Idea – Why Offer Worksite Life Insurance?

Why Offer Worksite Life Insurance?
Why should employers offer Voluntary Payroll Deduction Life Insurance to their employees?

  • most U.S. households are under or uninsured and would not be able to pay for everyday living expenses without the primary breadwinner
  • guaranteed issue underwriting is available – no medical examinations or questions
  • coverage is portable for employees, they can take it with them when they leave
  • the employer or employee can pay the premium
  • spouse, children and grandchildren also eligible
  • one-on-one meetings with all eligible employees are mandatory

If you work with business owners or have commercial accounts, take a few minutes to view the video and learn more.


Sales Idea – Top Five Most Profitable Life Insurance Sales

Top Five Most Profitable Life Insurance Sales
Do you know the top five most profitable life insurance sales you could be making? We’ve pulled the numbers from several sources to arrive at the five largest average premium sales in the industry. Take a couple minutes to learn how you can be making these sales.

Why You Need to Review Every Mortgage Term Life Policy Your Clients Own

Why You Need to Review Every Mortgage Term Life Policy Your Clients Own
Why should you re-write every mortgage term life insurance contract your clients own? Chances are their old policies don’t include critical and chronic illness benefits. What does that have to do with paying off a mortgage?

A mortgage is usually the largest single debt a person would leave behind if they died too soon. With no income, the family’s largest monthly bill might become impossible to pay.

Wouldn’t you have the same problem if you were diagnosed with a life threatening condition like cancer, a heart attack or a stroke? Disability policies help some but most don’t until pay until 90 or 180 days after a diagnosis. Health insurance covers some expenses but does not replace lost income. In fact, 62% of bankruptcies are filed for medical reasons, and 78% of those involved people that actually had health insurance.

Several life insurance companies now include critical illness benefits in their term life insurance policies. They pay a portion of the death benefit upon diagnosis of a critical illness like cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and several other life threatening conditions. Go through your book of business (even old prospects) and make sure they have a policy that covers against this threat as well.


Sales Idea – Three Largest IUL Sales for Your Commercial Accounts

Three Largest IUL Sales for Your Commercial Accounts
If you work with commercial accounts in the areas of property and casualty, employee benefits or group health insurance, you need to know about the three largest Index Universal Life (IUL) insurance sales you might be missing with your existing clients.

We’ve compiled top sales strategies from three of our leading insurance companies to bring these ideas to you in just a few minutes. You will learn about the most profitable IUL sales you should be making with your commercial accounts. These involve sales to the owners, key executives and their employees. Just by using average numbers, a business with one owner, two key executives and 10 additional employees would generate over $100,000 in new life insurance premiums!