American Equity – New Products Available in Connecticut

New Products Now Available in Connecticut

American Equity is pleased to announce new fixed index annuity products and income rider option. We are also expanding our RateShield fixed annuity line, with a new product featuring a lifetime income rider option. Plus, for higher rates, an optional Market Value Adjustment (MVA) is available on all RateShield products.

Fixed Index Annuity Products

Foundation Gold

* 7% premium bonus on all premiums received in first contract year, vesting over a 10 year period

* 5% penalty-free withdrawal after first contract year (cumulative withdrawal option available)

* 10 year surrender charge period

* Optional Lifetime Income Benefit Rider

Foundation Gold Brochure

Benefit Gold

* 5% premium bonus on all premiums received in first contract year

* 10% penalty-free withdrawal after first contract year

* 10 year surrender charge period

* Optional Lifetime Income Benefit Rider

Benefit Gold Brochure

Additional Income Rider Benefit Option

Lifetime Income Benefit Rider with Wellbeing Benefit

* 5% income account value rate

* 150%-200% enhanced lifetime income benefit withdrawal, if eligibility requirements are met

* Up to 5 year enhanced lifetime income benefit period

* Issue age 50+

* Available on: Traditions Gold, Benefit Gold, Foundation Gold

Income Rider Profile

Fixed Annuity Products

RateShield 10+

* 5% premium bonus vesting over a 10 year period

* $10,000 minimum initial premium

* Fixed rates with optional MVA

    • MVA option provides higher rates

* 10% free withdrawal after the first contract year

* Optional income rider – IncomeShield

    • Guaranteed lifetime income
    • 8.5% simple interest IAV Rate
    • 20 year accumulation Period
    • 1% annual fee deducted from Contract Value

RateShield 10+ Brochure

IncomeShield Rider Brochure

Prudential – New Pricing on PruLife SUL Protector

Changes to SUL Protector

Prudential strives to offer a relevant suite of products that align to a variety of customers’ needs. To reinforce our commitment to the no-lapse guarantee marketplace we are introducing new pricing on PruLife SUL Protector, effective August 21, 2017.

The updated version has similar changes to those made to PruLife Universal Protector earlier this year. The new pricing incorporates the 2017 CSO table, uses Principal Based Reserves, and will help maintain the sustainability of SUL Protector. We will continue to monitor pricing on our entire suite of products and exercise the financial discipline that has helped Prudential provide enduring value to its clients for over 140 years.

Reprice Details

* Level pay scenarios will increase 6% on average.

* Single pay scenarios will increase 14% on average.

* Face amount limits will be removed on applied for policies using the new rates.

* Introduction of 1st year flexibility, limits impacts to the No-Lapse Guarantee when premiums are paid later in the first year than anticipated in illustrations. This can be particularly beneficial for 1035 exchanges and backdated policies.

* CTPs will be increased and generally be higher than level pay premiums.

* Limited NLG (premium based) period increasing from 5 years to 10 years.