Developing Desire to Succeed

Presented by Gary Peterson I saw this article and thought it was interesting – a good way to push ourselves in these economic times. DEVELOPING DESIRE TO SUCCEED by Tom Hopkins Here are three methods of developing a burning desire to succeed. They will work – if you want them to. 1. The greatest obstacle to developing desire is a conviction that we’ll never be able to fulfill it. So many people discourage desire to avoid the frustration they may encounter. If you don’t have a burning desire to better your life, you’re cheating yourself and your loved ones with phony excuses. You’re choosing a level of life that’s poor compared to what you could have with the extra exertion you’re capable of. It’s all on your shoulders and there’s no way you can shift a bit of the responsibility to anyone else. 2. Focus on the specific things you want. Make agreements with yourself. When I do this, I get that. Don’t try to make yourself work for nothing. 3. Take it in steps. If you’ve never made more than minimum wage, don’t aim for half a million dollars the first year. The essential element is faith in yourself. I know former migrant farm workers who came out of the fields and made themselves wealthy. If your sunshine wants far outstrip your cold morning desire, have a talk with yourself, then have a lot more talks. Convince yourself you can succeed and will succeed.

How am I doing?

Presented by John Schraut Everyone in the customer service industry should ask themselves this question regularly. Have a sincere discussion about the value you bring to the table and any areas where you might improve or ways to help keep current clients and obtain new ones. When was the last time you were evaluated? If it has been awhile or never, now is the time to do it. Get feedback from your clients – ask your 10 best clients what value you bring to them? Listen to the feedback – ask what you can do now or in the future to improve their experience? Everyone has room to improve, even the best of us. Set yourself apart from others in the insurance industry by taking steps to find out how to bring more value to your clients resulting in a happier experience.
Life Insurance

Refinancing mortgage insurance – A new look at an…

Presented by Brian Leising Interest rates recently hit all-time lows and the U.S. is on pace for 5 million home sales this year. More and more people every day need to protect their homes in case of an untimely death. Did you know you can offer your clients more than just an old-fashioned mortgage term life policy? Give them more than just death benefit protection. Decrease premiums to save your clients money -Protective’s Custom Choice UL can be crafted to mimic the old decreasing term policies -Ladder term life policies to achieve huge discounts Living benefits can provide your clients with money -Disability riders pay the mortgage while unable to work -Critical illness riders pay the mortgage while recovering from severe illness -Long term care riders pay the mortgage during long recoveries Pay the mortgage early with policies that make your clients money -Return of premium term could pay a 30 year mortgage in 25 years -Index Universal Life could pay a 30 year mortgage in about 20 years Learn to sell to this growing market today. Ready to make the move?