Unlimited Referral Bonus for 10 Years

Create a Recurring Revenue Stream!

Unlimited Referral Bonus for 10 Years!

Refer agents to Financial Brokerage and earn the following overrides on their 1st-year paid/target premium for the next ten years.
Life Products 5%
Final Expense 2.50%
Single Prem. Life 0.25%
Long Term Care / Disability / CI 5%
Hybrid 0.25%
Annuity – Indexed Products 0.25%
Annuity – Non-indexed Products 0.10%
Medicare Supplement 1%
For example, an agent refers 4 agents in 2022 and 5 agents in 2023 and each of those agents write $25,000 of life premium each year. In 2022, the referring agent would receive $5,000 and in 2023, the referring agent would receive $11,250. As long as the referred agent is producing first year paid premium, the overrides would continue for up to ten years.

In addition, the referred agent will receive a $500 bonus when they reach 5,000 Shares within one year of being contracted with Financial Brokerage.
Rules and Guidelines:
  • Referral cannot be with an affiliated agency/company of the referred agent.
  • Above compensation is not payable if referred agent is in your downline.
  • Referring agent must be an active producer in good standing.
  • Certain states may require license and/or appointment to receive override.
  • Split cases are not eligible for referral overrides.
  • Referred agent must submit first application within one year of this agreement.
  • Referral not eligible if referred agent has produced with Financial Brokerage within the last 5 years.
  • Relatives of agent not eligible for referral unless pre-approved by officer of FBI.

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