Refinancing mortgage insurance – A new look at an old concept

Presented by Brian Leising

Interest rates recently hit all-time lows and the U.S. is on pace for 5 million home sales this year. More and more people every day need to protect their homes in case of an untimely death. Did you know you can offer your clients more than just an old-fashioned mortgage term life policy? Give them more than just death benefit protection.

Decrease premiums to save your clients money
-Protective’s Custom Choice UL can be crafted to mimic the old decreasing term policies
-Ladder term life policies to achieve huge discounts

Living benefits can provide your clients with money
-Disability riders pay the mortgage while unable to work
-Critical illness riders pay the mortgage while recovering from severe illness
-Long term care riders pay the mortgage during long recoveries

Pay the mortgage early with policies that make your clients money
-Return of premium term could pay a 30 year mortgage in 25 years
-Index Universal Life could pay a 30 year mortgage in about 20 years

Learn to sell to this growing market today.
Ready to make the move?

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