Developing Desire to Succeed

Presented by Gary Peterson

I saw this article and thought it was interesting – a good way to push ourselves in these economic times.

by Tom Hopkins

Here are three methods of developing a burning desire to succeed. They will work – if you want them to.

1. The greatest obstacle to developing desire is a conviction that we’ll never be able to fulfill it. So many people discourage desire to avoid the frustration they may encounter. If you don’t have a burning desire to better your life, you’re cheating yourself and your loved ones with phony excuses. You’re choosing a level of life that’s poor compared to what you could have with the extra exertion you’re capable of. It’s all on your shoulders and there’s no way you can shift a bit of the responsibility to anyone else.

2. Focus on the specific things you want. Make agreements with yourself. When I do this, I get that. Don’t try to make yourself work for nothing.

3. Take it in steps. If you’ve never made more than minimum wage, don’t aim for half a million dollars the first year. The essential element is faith in yourself.

I know former migrant farm workers who came out of the fields and made themselves wealthy. If your sunshine wants far outstrip your cold morning desire, have a talk with yourself, then have a lot more talks. Convince yourself you can succeed and will succeed.

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