Loans Too Heavy?

Presented by Gary Peterson

As agents, you likely have clients that have used various living benefits of their life insurance over the years.  Some have amassed loans that may be too heavy to repay and have high interest rates.  Financial Brokerage works with a carrier that will examine the policy, and if it qualifies, they will allow a transfer to their policy, including any existing loans.  Give us a call at 800-397-9999 and lets discuss the best way to help your clients in these situations.

New Benefits

Per Gary Peterson

A new form of life insurance has hit the market.  Not only can the family benefit through a Death Benefit, but the insured can now receive benefits through Living Benefits, Income Riders and Return of Premium (ROP).  Several carriers offer one or all of these benefits for you to give your clients options and flexibility.  Give us a call at 800-397-9999 to discuss the many ways to assist you in your insurance business.

Real Benefits of an Index Annuity

Presented by Deb Strong

Please look at the attached charts.

If you have retirement funds invested in equities, remember how you felt in 2007-2009? Were you nervous? While you may understand that selling during market downturns goes against conventional wisdom, were you concerned about your future retirement security? Did you lose any sleep? I did!

If you have clients within 5-10 years of retirement, how did they feel at that time? Did any sell during this time period? If so, they may have lost out on the market recovery that was to follow.

How do you think the Index Annuity Owner felt in 2007-2009. While the market was plunging, their return was 0.00%. Did they feel the same anxiety?

If you have clients nearing retirement and have 401k and/or IRA funds, they may feel more secure with part of their assets in an Index Annuity where zero is their hero”!

In years where the return is 0.00%, clients can still enjoy an increase in potential income if they have chosen a Lifetime Income Benefit Rider on their contract.

If you or your clients can benefit from the security offered by an Index Annuity, please contact Financial Brokerage for more information.

Click here for charts.

Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance

Presented by Gary Peterson

Many of us look for the easy or quick sale. We forget that most of the public are not familiar with the many benefits permanent life insurance can offer. I saw that a study was done showing that most people believe that life insurance is used for Final Expenses and income replacement. Here are several other ways Life insurance can be used to benefit your clients:

    1. Paying mortgages and debts
    2. Paying estate taxes
    3. Creating an estate
    4. Providing a cash flow in retirement
    5. Equalizing an inheritance
    6. Paying for college
    7. Taking out a loan/borrowing against
    8. Funding charitable contributions

You can have your cake and eat it too with Linked Benefits

Presented by Gary Peterson

A Linked Benefit (LB) policy allows you several options.  An LB policy offers long term care (LTC) coverage, liquidity and a death benefit.  If your client has a change in plans and decides not to keep the policy, a return of premium benefit may allow them to get back their initial premium.  If they die prematurely, the family receives an income tax free benefit.  Finally, your client has LTC benefits available if needed.

LB policies attract people who:

  • Are retired or approaching retirement.
  • Are more affluent with higher net worth.
  • Want to protect against potential LTC expenses and leave a legacy to their loved ones.

Market interest for a product that links LTC benefits is growing by double digits.  This double digit growth may be because the LB policy is attracting new and younger markets.  LIMRA found that buyers in their 60’s continue to be the biggest portion of in-force policies; however, younger markets are finding them attractive as well.  Call your Financial Brokerage marketer at 800-397-9999 to find out more about Linked Benefit plans that are available to your clients and get your slice of cake.