Educate the Public About the Value of Life Insurance

If your clients and prospects were better informed about life insurance, do you think your job of selling would be easier?

I read an interesting article recently about the cost of insurance.  The article describes a survey that asked consumers to estimate the cost of a 20 year, $250,000 level-term life insurance policy for a healthy 30-year old. Their answer was about $400 annually.  The actual cost is half of that – around $190 annually.

Our job is, in part, one of educating and informing the people we work with about the value of and the remarkable affordability of today’s life insurance.  If the public were better informed about insurance it would make our jobs easier.  If we can demonstrate the real cost of life insurance and help them understand why it is important to have coverage for their families, the natural result will be more prospects and better sales.

So if the population thinks life insurance is expensive or they don’t really need it, it is our job to educate them.  Think about how you can expand your efforts to help educate your clients and your community about the importance of life insurance. An active approach to  this can lead to more business for you.

John Schraut, Life Sales Manager

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