Make Life Insurance Profitable (even when it’s not your main focus)

We work frequently with P&C agencies to show them how easy it can be to sell life insurance.  Remember, existing P&C clients (works well for banks, CPAs, etc.) already trust you or they wouldn’t be an existing P&C client!  And, when they trust you, it makes the life insurance sale a natural part of your conversation with them.  In fact, if you’re not already having those discussions, you may actually be doing a disservice to your clients.  If it’s important to insure their home, their car and other personal belongings, how can insuring their life be overlooked?

So, now that I’ve said it’s “easy”, how do we define that??  1) You’ve already done the prospecting because they’re already your client! 2) Financial Brokerage can create and brand life insurance-focused web pages for you to embed in your current web site 3) FB can also provide to you professional marketing materials to get your clients thinking about life insurance 4) We offer full-featured term quote engines, needs analysis tools and budget calculators that allow clients visiting your site to perform their own research and 5) We offer a robust e-mail marketing tool and provide client-facing e-mail newsletters  for you…all you have to do is provide the client e-mail addresses and send ’em out! and 6) And this is a big one…we have all the electronic tools that make it easy to write the app, which I’ve “blogged” about in the past.  No paper!!  In fact, you may not even need to ask all the awkward health questions (you know the type, “now what was the size of that boil again??”)

So, you’ve already got the clients and we provide everything you need to market life insurance and complete the sale in, say, ten minutes.  What’s not to like about additional revenue?!?!  And, if you’re not writing the life insurance, someone else is, and maybe it’s another P&C agency…and when they do, they slowly start to become “creepers”…creeping into a relationship with your client.  That doesn’t sound so good, does it?

Contact us at 800-397-99999 and ask for Kevin Kusleika, Senior VP and CTO or Sarah Stewart, COO to find out how we can help you help yourself!

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