Still Using Post-It Notes to Manage Your Day?

If you’re having trouble managing your day-to-day activities, have you considered CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software?  I’m not talking about tools like Microsoft Outlook where you set a reminder on your calendar, but am instead referring to full-fledged CRMs that allow you to manage the sales process from start to finish.  You’ll know who you should call on a daily basis, track which activities are the most profitable and manage your marketing more effectively.

Stay in front of your clients and market more effectively to prospects by sending e-mail or mail on a regular basis or at key intervals in the lifetime of current policy holders.  Many CRMs have built-in “blast e-mail” capability where you can send out important information personalized with your contact information and then track which clients open the e-mail messages.  Sounds like a good way to know which type of marketing really reaches your audience!

If you’re looking to start small, there are MANY free CRMs on the market, one of which offers a license for three users at no charge; follow the link to  When you become proficient with your CRM or if you are looking for a CRM for multiple users and more functionality, we will have a solution for that very shortly!  The CRM (coming soon) will not only allow you to do all the fancy CRM-like things, but it will be completely integrated within our current platform of tools – quoting, illustrations and iGO (e-app entry and drop-tickets).  You’ll have only ONE location (our web site) to access for everything you need in your life…well, mostly.  We plan on having more information on the new CRM in the next month or so.  Stay tuned!

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