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Revision to 2017 Change in Universal Life Product Interest Rates

On December 1, you received an email detailing changes to Columbus Life’s UL interest rates. Since that time, we have experienced additional changes to our rates that will take effect on January 1.

  • A reduction of 10 basis points will apply to all UL policies issued since 2007, including new business cases, both individual and survivorship, and will include the fixed accounts of our indexed UL product.
  • All UL policies issued prior to 2007 will decrease by 20 basis points, excluding the UL 200 series.

Starting today, the new rates will be reflected automatically in the web version of the illustration system. At that time, you may also update the desktop version of the illustration system by clicking the “System Update” link on the left-hand side of the Life Portraits home screen.

Visit this link to view the updated memo that describes these changes in further detail. This can also be found in yesterday’s edition of Inside Columbus Life Digital.

If you have any questions or need help with an illustration, please contact our Sales Desk at 800.677.9696, option 4.

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