State Life – Interest Rate Notice

In response to the current interest rate environment, new business interest rates for Annuity Care and Indexed Annuity Care will be increasing effective Sunday, Jan. 15, 2017.


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The new rates will be as follows:


Annuity Care (original and II)

LTC Fund/LTC Accumulated Value: 1.90%

Cash Fund/Accumulated Value: 1.40%

Important: These new rates will be reflected on Sales Connection, which you can use to illustrate all Annuity Care products. Software version 6.35 (1-15-17) will be available for download beginning Jan. 15 from OneSource Online.


Indexed Annuity Care

Point-to-point Cap: 3%

Point-to-point Par: 24%

Monthly average Cap: 3 %

Monthly average Par: 32%

Fixed account: 1.25%


Most Beneficial Rate: Indexed Annuity Care offers your clients the opportunity to receive the best declared interest (or cap, or par) rate available between the date their application is received in the Home Office, and the effective date of the contract, if fully funded within 60 days of application. This feature is intended as an easy-to-do-business provision to provide you and your clients the peace of mind to know that they can receive the best declared rates during the application process. Annuity Care also offers this feature for 1035/transfer monies only.

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