5 Ways to Keep Your New Years LTC Resolution

It’s always a smart idea to raise awareness with your clients of the importance of long-term care. It’s overlooked much too often. The best way to overcome this oversight is to continue to educate people about the potential risks of not planning for long-term care through out the year. And that gives you the perfect opportunity to talk to everyone you meet about the importance of adding this essential coverage.

Here are five things you can do throughout the year to boost your LTC sales:

1.  Make it your mission to talk about LTC with everyone you meet. This includes friends, family members, current clients and business contacts.

2.  Establish yourself as the go-to person in your community for LTC insurance. Offer to speak to community groups or associations. Meet with attorneys, accountants and other centers of influence to explain the service you can provide to their clients.

3.  Create a mailing to introduce yourself to people in the community and arouse their interest in talking with you about LTC. Or place a newspaper ad in your local paper or in association newsletters.

4.  Brush up on LTC insurance products so you are prepared to offer appropriate solutions for clients’ specific needs.

5.  If you haven’t already done so, consider purchasing a LTC insurance policy yourself. The old saying is true – it’s easier to sell something when you own it yourself.

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