4 Reasons Sales Presentations Don’t Work

Producers sometimes feel like their sales presentations go perfectly, they hit all the right notes and new business is sure to follow. But then nothing happens, the case doesn’t close and the producer wonders what went wrong.

Here are four key warning signs that a sales approach might not have the intended effect:

1.  The decision makers weren’t there. If some or all of the real decision makers weren’t present for the presentation is not a done-deal. A smart producer will find out who the deciders are and make sure that those bases have been touched.

2.  The presentation did not mention the prospect’s buying motives. To arouse a prospect’s curiosity and make it easy for them to buy, producers need to know a lot about them. Then it is critical to tie the solution to those motivations and help them see how it helps achieve them.

3.  Features weren’t linked to and described as buyer benefits. Even the slickest, multi-media presentation of the newest cutting-edge product will not result in a lasting sale if the key features do not correspond to benefits that solve the prospect’s problems.

4.  Somebody talked too much. The best producers ask a lot of questions and then shut up and listen. Given the chance prospects will map out how to close the sale and the objections they will have. A producer who allows the prospect to talk 75% of the time has a better than average chance to find out what that road map is.

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