Working Smart in a Tough Market

Authored by Jim Guynan

Although the latest reports indicate that our economy is turning around, business is still hard to get in and then get issued. Insurance companies are under pressure to make sure all annuity sales are compliant and suitable; agents are taking more CE courses and product training before an application can be taken to satisfy this. Agents have to work smarter and more efficiently. Here are some ideas that can help.

Qualify your prospects and referrals as much as possible as not to waste time on people that don’t need your services or don’t need them now.

  • Use the phone more! It is very important to see people, yes, but again qualify the quality of the prospect; qualify the appointment and qualify the sale. Cell phones have made our life easier; let’s use them to make our business easier.
  • Ask for referrals any time you help someone with a product or service.
  • Remember there is a lot of competition. Make sure you are the product expert for those lines you sell and know who to refer business to if it is not a line you currently offer.
  • Service to your client today is more important than ever; communicate with them regularly and effectively.
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