What Social Security Seminars can do for YOU – Part 2

Presented by Brian Leising

Let’s put our two problems (you need more clients, pre-retirees need professional help) together and come up with a plan to help both parties. How many of your clients nearing retirement know their optimal social security filing option? What if you could help them make sense of governmental red tape and demonstrate potential consequences? What if you could sell a lot more permanent life insurance and annuities by doing so? Your clients know they can file for social security when they get older but most people have no idea when it’s best to file, that different filing options exist, or realize the financial consequences of those options.

Producers all across the country are experiencing PHENOMENAL SUCCESS implementing Social Security Maximization Seminars. By hosting “no food” seminars at local libraries and community colleges, they are filling rooms with more prospects and at less cost than old-fashioned dinner seminars.

The numbers back this up. I interviewed several producers in the past year. Here’s the feedback. A seminar will put you in front of 60-80 people per week on average. One third will say thank you and you will never see them again. One third will request a free social security analysis and may give you another appointment down the road. One third will be interested in a full retirement planning analysis – from YOU! This opens up new multiple annuity, life insurance and long term care sales.

How do you get started? Familiarize yourself with the concept first. Financial Brokerage can provide materials to help you learn at your own pace, including written material, training videos, software and actual consumer workbooks. Armed with that knowledge, put it to the test. Call your clients that are approaching retirement but have not yet filed for social security. Target ages 55-62. Walk them through the process. Now you know more than 99% of the country. Pick a date and we’ll discuss how we can help you host your first Social Security Maximization Seminar.

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