Annuity Risks Clients Should Consider

Presented by David Corwin

I read an email recently and thought it would be great to share some of the talking points and also share some videos supporting the ideas mentioned. It spoke about the different risks that are out there that clients should consider when purchasing an annuity. The first one is Interest rate risk. Typically traditional bond funds may lose value in an increasing interest rate environment so protecting your income becomes paramount and could be accomplished with an indexed annuity contract. Dealing with Inflation risk means that if you have a lot of cash on the sidelines, you would most certainly be exposed to inflation risk. An indexed annuity would help keep pace with inflation and protect your purchasing power. Market volatility risk is hedged with an annuity contract by locking in your recent market gains. Withstanding another correction will only prolong your retirement date. Longevity risk in a recent survey was the biggest fear of seniors. Outliving your assets is becoming a real possibility and creating a guaranteed income stream for life can be accomplished with an indexed annuity with the income riders that have been created in recent years.

Here are some great consumer videos to check out.
a. Interest Rate Risk
b. Inflation Risk:
c. Market Volatility Risk:
d. Longevity Risk:

Share some or all of these videos through your website and/or social media and keep your clients and prospects informed!

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