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Adjustments to the Maximum Illustrated Rates

Effective September 1, 2015, the TransWare® and Winflex illustrations systems will reflect new Maximum Illustrated Rates for TransNavigator® IUL new business and inforce illustrations. The new Maximum Illustrated Rates are as follows:
Prior to 9/1/2015 Effective 9/1/2015
S&P 500®Index Account 7.66% 6.86%
Global Index Account 9.03% 6.86%
S&P 500®Index Plus Account 9.14% 6.86%
Global Index Account Plus 10.00% 6.86%

Transamerica has updated the maximum illustrated rates for all IUL products based on a new actuarial guideline, AG49. To learn more about AG49 and how it impacts IUL illustrations, please click the AG49 FAQ .

For IUL Applications Submitted Prior to September 1, 2015
All product features, including the caps and floors, are not changing. However, policies issued September 1st and after will include illustrations that utilize the new maximum illustrated rates and the hypothetical values could be lower than what you originally showed to your client.

We recommend that you begin using the new lower maximum illustrated rates immediately. Using the new rates today will ensure that the illustration you share with your client will be consistent with the one included in the policy and with inforce policy illustrations.
Adjusting the Illustrated Rate in the Illustration
IUL illustrations default to the maximum illustrated rate. However, the illustration software allows you the flexibility to lower the rate to the new maximum illustrated rate, or any rate between the floor and the maximum. To change the rate, please access:
* TransWare®  – Illustration Options > Allocation > Specific Allocation
* Winflex –  Start Winflex Web > Transamerica > TransNavigator® IUL > Create Client > Rate/Funds
If you have any questions regarding AG49 or our new Maximum Illustrated Rates, please contact the Transamerica Sales Desk.
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