Fixed Index Annuities: Sales growing, products evolving!

Presented by Richard Mangiameli

For the first time, FIAs accounted for more than 50% of the market share for all annuity sales!

Not only did sales reach over $48 billion in 2014, they are also gaining popularity in the “Broker-Dealer” channel. FIAs totaled 10% of the total broker-dealer annuity sales in 2014, and broker-dealers expect that share to grow.

There are many financial planners who think that Fixed Index Annuities are the worst – too complicated and too many moving parts. It’s important that they take a closer look. FIAs are not complicated and there are not too many moving parts, and with the growth FIAs are having, they are not the worst things out there for your clients. FIAs just celebrated 20 years in the business, and they are here to stay. It would greatly help your business and your clients for you to learn and understand Fixed Index Annuities.

Here is how you can learn more – call an Independent Marketing Office (IMO) such as Financial Brokerage, who has been in the market for over two decades and works with several insurance companies who offer FIAs, and will give you a non-bias opinion.

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