The Income Stream Death Benefit – Part One

Presented by Brian Leising

I’d like to help you close more life insurance sales by showing how an income stream death benefit can help your clients save money and better understand how their coverage works. We will explore the problem in part one, present a money-saving solution in part two and simplify everything in part three.

The Problem

How many people do you quote term life insurance for every year but never take action? Many of those people did not purchase life insurance from someone else. They are still uninsured. How can you get them back in your office? You may need to revise your approach. How do you determine how much coverage a person needs? What needs analysis system do you use?

Many people do not purchase life insurance because they don’t see the need. Many of those with insurance have no idea why they purchased the amount they have. The amount was likely a random number they picked among many their agent presented. If an analysis was conducted, they may have been intimidated or confused by the large face amount presented. Many people do not understand how large a lump sum is actually needed to provide adequate income replacement.

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