ROP Rider for a Younger Client

Presented by Donna Ries

Here’s an idea to consider for a younger client:

Protecting an income should be a client’s top priority. One option that may be advantageous for a younger client is the return of premium rider on a disability insurance policy.

For example, a 27 year old female administrative office worker making $30,000 that had a $1,000 benefit amount to age 67 with a 90 day elimination period would pay about $28 per month in premium. Of that premium, the return of premium rider would cost around $7 per month. If no claims were made, at age 67, a full return of premium would be received. That means over 40 years the client would have paid an extra $3,360 in premium to receive all premiums totaling over $13,000 back at age 67. That’s an attractive return to consider.

Return of premium features vary by carrier. Contact your DI marketer for more information to customize your case.

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