High Deductible Survival Plan – Part One

Presented by Brian Leising

Do you have clients with high deductible health insurance policies? Do you know people that need term life insurance? What do these questions even have in common? Follow along and I will explain.

With the recent changes in the health insurance market, more people than ever now have high deductible plans. Some never enjoyed coverage previously and some chose these plans due to price. What if something happened to them, a heart attack or cancer diagnosis for example, would they have the funds to pay for their high deductible all at once? Where will they get the money?

A recent study showed half of the people in our country have no life insurance at all, and half of the other half don’t have enough. You know people that need term life insurance, three of every four people you meet according to the statistics.

We know many people need a source of funds to pay their health insurance deductibles, and they likely have a need for life insurance. What if their life insurance policy could do more than just one thing? What if their policy could provide a death benefit and a living benefit they could use to cover their deductible?

In part two, I will explain how this works and how affordable these new policies really are.

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