Mutual of Omaha – New SPIA with Premium Return

With United of Omaha’s new Income Annuity with Premium Return, you can help clients

Enjoy It Now and Pass It On

You now have something extra to offer clients who are interested in receiving guaranteed, reliable income.

Income Annuity with Premium Return is a single premium immediate annuity that can help your clients who want to put a portion of their money into a safe place with the guarantee that the money can be left to their heirs and provides competitive and reliable income that they can use however they wish.

Here are some highlights:

* This product is unique in the industry
* Provides full return of premium upon death
* Safety of principal
* Income returns that are higher than certificates of deposit or money market accounts
* Issue ages: 59 – 85
* Minimum premium: $10,000
* Life or Joint Life Only payout

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