Fidelity & Guaranty – MYGA Interest Rate Special is Back

The MYGA 3.15%* Interest Rate Special is Back!

The FG Guarantee-Platinum® Interest Rate Special Now Available

Get more for your clients with 3.15%* for 5 years! Act now – this competitive interest rate will only be offered for a limited time with FG Guarantee-Platinum 5 single premium fixed deferred annuity.

Please click below for the special details!

*This initial interest rate is effective for new annuities issued as of June 6, 2016, for the first five contract years only. Thereafter, the company may declare at its sole discretion a new rate which could be lower. This initial rate is also subject to change at any time in the company’s sole discretion for new contracts. There is a 30 day window at the end of each five year guarantee period where your client may withdraw all or part of the annuity value without application of surrender charges or market value adjustment. A new guarantee period and surrender charge period will begin after the end of the previous ones.
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