Linked-Benefit Policies

Authored by Brian Leising

You have probably heard of hybrid life/long term care policies that link benefits together in one policy.  Have you sold any?  For many producers, the thought of selling long term care is a bit daunting.  Linking the living benefits to a life policy makes it easier.  A top producer recently shared four reasons his clients purchase linked-benefit policies.

1.  The additional long term care benefit makes a sure sale even better.  So many carriers offer linked-benefits that often the best-priced life policy contains a long term care provision.

2.  Clients need both products but can only afford to purchase one policy.  Clients can realize significant cost-savings when purchasing one policy rather than two.

3.  The long term care benefit provides the extra sizzle needed to close the sale.  Some people balk at paying any new premiums, but the extra benefit makes the policy more attractive.

4.  The life insurance benefit helps overcome a common long term care objection.  Clients can be sure someone will benefit from their decision.  They will receive living benefits for long term care or their heirs will receive a death benefit.

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