Legacy Marketing – Rates on the Rise


Strategy 7/29/16 Rates
and Caps on
LibertyMark SE 10
How large of a percentage
increase is that?
(over 6/29/16 rates and caps)
Two-Year Pt-to-Pt 75% Par. Rate 15.38%
Two-Year Risk Control Pt-to-Pt 107% Par. Rate 7.00%
One-Year Annual Pt-to-Pt 6.10% Cap 8.93%
One-Year Pt-to-Pt Inversion 9.30% Cap 13.41%

Rates effective July 29, 2016, and subject to change. Liberty Optimizer Fee on LibertyMark SE 10 is 1.75%.

Increased rates
= even GREATER upside potential for your clients on a PURE ACCUMULATION PRODUCT with no income rider.
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