Prospecting for Disability Income Protection: Who is Your Target Market?

Presented by Michelle Daharsh

Are you having the conversation with your prospects about disability income protection? Or are you reluctant to bring up the conversation for fear that you may not know the answer. With so many types of clients, of all ages and different incomes and occupations, who do you prospect for first? The easy answer just might be: young couples.

Start the conversation about disability income with young couples who have recently bought a home or are starting a family. These life events are the best time for them to begin to build a foundation of financial protection with disability income being a cornerstone of their coverage.

So how do you talk to them about need? Individuals in this age group have a lifetime of earning potential remaining and probably haven’t looked at the big picture of what that potential is. Income is their most important asset because their lifestyle and long-term plans depend on it. If faced with an illness or injury that keeps them from working and earning an income it can quickly impact other assets and take years to rebuild. Communicate to them about the value of their ability to earn an income and explain what’s at risk. Most young couples think disability is about getting hurt, not sickness. Explain what’s at risk should they lose their wage earning ability because of an illness or injury.

Disability rates are based on occupational risk, their age and current health. Prospects in their 20s and 30s typically are easier to get through underwriting because at this age they are generally in good health with fewer past health issues. There are many flexible ways to create and design full coverage for your client when using disability income products, but they won’t know about their options unless you are willing to start the conversation today!

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