Bonus or No Bonus Annuity

Presented by David Corwin

I think I’d take the latter – let me explain why. I’ve been in this ever changing Indexed annuity world for several years now and not unlike any other aspect of the insurance world, it is constantly changing. I’ve worked with hundreds of agents in my career. I work with some agents that only write bonus contracts. I’ve compared two of the best selling products with a particular carrier; one with a bonus and one without. I used the same index strategy and time period and the results were quite alarming. The bonus product that offers a 10% premium bonus netted $151k at the end of 20 years and the product without a bonus was over $215k. Why is this you ask? Well, I will tell you that typically on bonus products the commission rate is higher and thus the cap rates are lower than on a non-bonus product. This can result in much better performance long term.

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