Are your clients missing out?

Presented by Brian Leising

They might be if all their retirement assets are tied up in the wrong vehicles. Look at the choices below and see if your clients have their money in the right places.

1. Growth taxed NOW- Savings accounts, CD’s, money market, mutual funds. These assets are funded with after-tax dollars and growth is taxed each year.

2. Growth taxed LATER- 401(k)’s, 403(b)’s, deferred annuities, pension plans. Clients receive a tax deduction for the money placed into these plans and defer taxation until the money is distributed, usually in retirement.

3. Growth taxed NEVER- Cash value life insurance, Roth IRA’s, Roth 401(k)’s. These assets are funded with after-tax dollars and will have growth distributed tax-free if structured properly. Life insurance policies usually allow greater contributions with less restrictions than Roth plans.

When would your clients like to pay taxes on the growth of their retirement assets? Now, later or never?

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