Where There’s a Problem – We Have a Solution

Presented by Deb Strong

Do you have clients that are concerned with how they are going to pay for Long Term Care coverage?  If you do, you need to call your Sales Manager at Financial Brokerage at 800-397-9999.  We have many products that are protected by the Pension Protection Act, which means that structured properly, the long term care payments made to the client for their care are tax free!  One option is an annuity that also provides long-term care coverage, giving the client not only protection from the stock market, but also a leveraged pool of funds to use for care.  Nearly everyone buys insurance to cover their car and their home, as they should; own an asset and protect it.  So, think about this: A truly great financial plan can be put in place to grow assets with proper diversification, taxable and tax-free accounts, etc., but forgetting to put in place protection for those assets can be disastrous.  When one year of nursing home care can cost as much as $90,000, then how many years would it take to wipe out that well-crafted planning?  Don’t forget to discuss this fact with your clients and let us help you find the perfect product that transfers the risk of long-term care expenses where they belong . . . to the insurance carrier.

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