We are a better option for insurance and financial advice than Google!

Presented by David Corwin

As long as we remember that clients can now go online for insurance services, we will need to solidify long term relationships, get more qualified referrals, and keep our industry, that we all love, in good standing with the public at large. What do I mean by that? I have worked with literally hundreds, if not thousands of agents for over 18 years in the business, and there is always a constant; we all want to know for what the client is looking. I don’t mean that we should be experts in every facet of the insurance industry, since that’s a very tall task; however, insurance and financial professionals need to further their education so they are more knowledgeable when it comes to advanced cases. I know from personal experience that it takes a while to earn a CLU or ChFC, so in the meantime, you may want to learn a few key things to, dare I say, be dangerous. Let me give you a few items that could help:

50-80 year olds

Due to the experiences they’ve had thus far, there is a good chance they have dealt with many challenges in their lives. Some keywords you want to use with this age group would be: probate, estate planning, taxes, lifetime income, wills, trusts, their children and grandchildren.

30-50 year olds

With this age group you need to concentrate on these keywords: death, their children (especially guardianship options), tax-free income, estate planning, trusts, retirement planning and college funding.

As I said, you don’t have to be an expert, but remember that more than likely, you may know way more (even with Google) than your client knows and they will be far better off than what they’d be on their own.

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