Turn Your Clients’ “Lazy Money” Into Life Sales

Presented by Gary Peterson

Have you heard about the Smart Money Concept? If you have clients that are planning on leaving assets to their family, or have money set aside for an emergency, this may offer a safe way for them to pursue their goals.

Permanent life insurance offers four key benefits:  

·  Income tax-free death benefit to beneficiaries

·  Access to cash value for unexpected or immediate needs

·  Access to the death benefit for living needs

·  Competitive returns on death benefit over life expectancy and/or cash surrender value

With the Smart Money program, there are no surrender charges and penalty-free withdrawals (talk to your Life Marketer to ensure your case has the necessary riders for the Smart Money sale).

I have attached information for you to review as well as an illustration of the potential this program may offer to your clients. Give me, Gary Peterson, a call at 800-397-9999 to discuss.

Smart Money Marketing Guide

Smart Money Agent Worksheet

Smart Money Tip Sheet

Smart Money Valued Client Sample Illustration

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