Three ways for a Property and Casualty Agency to Sell More Life Insurance (Part 3)

Presented by Brian Leising


Are you concerned about losing clients to your competition?  Looking for new ways to boost your retention rates and grow revenue?  The average client retention rate is 10% higher when agencies cross-sell products.  Many agencies fail to effectively cross-sell life insurance because they do just a few basic things the wrong way.  You need a plan.  Here is the third item that all successful agencies use to sell life insurance to their auto and homeowners clients:

Use online applications.  You probably use these for your other lines of business already.  Nobody likes more paperwork.  You can be physically in front of your client, or speak with them over the phone.  Either way, the online process speeds up the underwriting system and eliminates paperwork errors.  Not familiar with this process?  Check out a how-to video and then listen to what a once-reluctant online app adopter has to say about the process.

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