The Eight Elements of Extended Care Riders – Element 4 – Tax Code and Benefit Qualification

Presented by Brian Leising

The Eight Elements of Extended Care Riders

Finding the right formula for each client

Not all extended care riders on life insurance policies are created equally. Do you know the differences? Different combinations will appeal to different clients more than others. Here are eight of the major distinguishing features among insurance companies offering extended care riders. All include some combination of the eight elements. This allows you to find the right formula for each client.

Premium Payments Benefit Qualification Benefit Amount
Pf Payment Frequency Pa Payment Amount
Lg Lapse Guarantee Tc Tax Code Pm Payment Method
Wp Waiver of Premium Ep Elimination Period If Inflation

Element 4 – Tax Code and Benefit Qualification

Insurance companies file their extended care riders and provisions under one of two (or both) tax codes, 7702(T) or 101(g). What’s the difference? Only the riders filed under 7702(T) may use the words “long term care” to describe the rider. Since the 7702(T) riders are viewed as tax-qualified LTC polices that have been added to a life insurance contract, the LTC benefit in many cases will exceed the death benefit of the underlying policy. Chronic illness riders (101(g)) may only accelerate up to the actual death benefit amount. The difference of greater concern pertains to benefit qualification. With either tax code, benefit qualification depends upon the client losing physical and/or mental abilities. The insured can qualify for benefits by losing the ability to perform two of six activities of daily living (ADL’s) or severe cognitive impairment (such as Alzheimer’s or dementia). With chronic illness riders (101(g)) an additional requirement must be met: the condition must be deemed to be permanent. An insured may recover, but the expectation they will not triggers the chronic illness (101(g)) benefit.

Look for Element 5 – Elimination Period in May.

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