Six Questions for Six Life Insurance Sales to Seniors – Part 6

Presented by Brian Leising

Do you have senior clients?  Did they purchase only one product from you?  Was it a Medicare supplement, annuity, long term care or final expense policy?  If you were able to uncover the need for one insurance product, could you uncover another?  What if you had six simple questions to ask your clients that would uncover additional sales?

When you meet with a person who is a grandparent, what photos do you see on their walls? The photos of their children are long gone and the walls are now adorned by their adorable grandchildren. Just try to ask a question about their grandchildren and see if you can get a word in edgewise for the next hour. They love to talk about their grandchildren and would do just about anything for them. Did you ever think to ask “Who handles your grandchildren’s life insurance and college funds?”  Parents may not have thought about these topics and if they did, may not have the funds to pay for them.  Chances are your senior clients have more disposable income than their children and are in a better position to help.  They are at a stage of their lives where their primary concern is leaving a legacy.  Two gifts their grandchildren will always remember will be their first life insurance policy and their college tuition paid for by Grandma and Grandpa.

If you have been following my “Six Questions for Six Life Insurance Sales to Seniors” posts, you now have six easy conversation-starting questions to ask your senior clients.  You know what direction the conversations should take and what sales they will lead to.  For resources to implement these ideas, send me an e-mail ( and we can discuss further.

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