Six Questions for Six Life Insurance Sales to Seniors – Part 5

Presented by Brian Leising

Do you have senior clients?  Did they purchase only one product from you?  Was it a Medicare supplement, annuity, long term care or final expense policy?  If you were able to uncover the need for one insurance product, could you uncover another?  What if you had six simple questions to ask your clients that would uncover additional sales?

Do you need a good way to open up an estate planning conversation with a prospect you think may have a problem?  Maybe a business owner?  Why not ask, “What steps have you taken to minimize your taxable estate to your heirs?”  This is an easy way to lead into the conversation.  You are assuming they have already done some planning.  Most people have not, or if they have it was never completed.  Keep in mind with the higher exclusion amounts that went into effect recently, the Federal estate tax may not apply in as many situations as it did in the past.  Your state may impose its own state estate taxes at much lower thresholds. On top of that, income or capital gains taxes may also apply.  Make sure you are working with an attorney who specializes in estate planning to minimize your client’s taxable estate first.  If needed, life insurance can provide immediate funds to pay any remaining tax without liquidating assets.

In part six I will discuss two opportunities that will open the door to your next generation of clients.

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