Short Term Care Might Just Be The Answer You Are Looking For

Presented by Michelle Daharsh

Short Term Care . . . why you and your clients should consider it.

If you understand the need for Long Term Care insurance but find the premiums are too expensive, your client can’t make it through underwriting or they are over the age of 79, then a conversation about Short Term Care with that client may be the answer you are looking for. Short Term Care is limited in its scope of coverage but will cover the majority of all nursing home stays at a price that is much more affordable than Long Term Care insurance. Also, the coverage, though short, does provide a degree of protection from the depletion of your client’s assets. Consider some of the benefits:

Issue ages: 18-85

Daily Benefits: $20-$300

Benefit periods: 180 or 360 days with a 20 day Elimination period

Restoration of Benefits

Full Benefits paid for Alzheimer’s Disease and many more

Short Term Care coverage is an affordable approach to providing limited coverage towards the high cost of nursing home care for your clients. For more information and pricing on this product, please contact us at Financial Brokerage at 800-397-9999.

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