Referrals – An Obvious Place to Look

Authored by John Schraut

Are you looking for qualified referrals?  Every time you complete an application for life insurance or an annuity you get at least one possible referral.

That’s right! Your next prospect could be hiding in plain sight in the beneficiary section.

A smart producer can take that name, find out the relationship to the insured and use the opportunity to ask for an introduction or referral endorsement, something like, “Do you mind if I give (beneficiary name) a call to introduce myself? Many of my clients have found it helpful if their beneficiaries have my contact information.”

This eliminates the standard objection from clients when asked for a referral, “I can’t think of anyone.”

They provided the name to you. Producers who follow up to turn that into a referral find that it is an easy way to get at least one referral on every application they complete.

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