Prudential – UL Protector Transition Rules

UL Protector Transition Rules
There are so many carriers, so many rules and so much to remember, it is easy to lose sight of critical dates. Because we must hold firmly to the transition rules (dates in terms of old vs. new rates), I wanted to provide a timely reminder. Key dates are below but please review the full transition rule document for all details.

* March 26: Last day that an application can be signed with a request for Old Rates
* March 27: Applications dated March 27th and later will receive the New Rates only
* April 3: Applications based on Old Rates must be received in the Home Office by April 3, 2017. Applications dated prior to March 27 but received in the Home Office after April 3 will be processed with the New Rates
* June 30: Inforce Placement Deadline for cases with old rates.

Please contact your Regional Vice President with questions. Thank you!!

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