Our Primary Role in the Insurance Business is Protection…

By Deb Strong

The insurance business is, for the most part, about protection; protecting homes, cars, belongings, assets and lives (not necessarily in that order).  Many times when working with clients approaching retirement, we’re looking closely at providing income they can’t outlive; a key component of a happy retirement.  But, what about those events that threaten their guaranteed stream of retirement income and ultimately the rest of their assets?  If we’ve helped them generate the income stream, shouldn’t it also be our duty to protect it?  We know the average cost to a family for a multi-year long-term care event is expensive today and rapidly rising, but there are various new products that can protect your client’s income stream and asset base from those costs.  Why not have your clients use the insurance company for the purpose they were intended, which is to take on risk?  With so many ways to solve the problem of long-term care expenses, it’s important to have a resource to help guide you to the right product.  Call me today and I can show you how annuities and life insurance can transfer the risk of long-term care away from your clients and where it belongs.

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