North American – Rates and Updates



Most interest rates are improving effective January 5, 2017

* Fixed interest rates increasing as much as 85 basis points

* S&P 500 Annual Point-to-Point Caps increasing as much as 160 basis points

* S&P 500 Annual Point-to-Point Margins decreasing as much as 175 basis points
New Allocation Forms

We are implementing new allocation forms for a few of our fixed index annuity products. Click the links below for the new forms that take effect December 31, 2016.

* Performance Choice Allocation Form

* North American Charter, North American Precision SeriesAllocation Form (only available in HI and PA)
IncomeChoice 7 Available in California

The new California Assembly Bill 2884 taking effect 1-1-17 required us to make changes to fixed index annuities currently available in California. We are pleased to announce that the NAC IncomeChoice 7 has been approved and is available 12-31-16 with the changes detailed below:

NAC IncomeChoice 7 Changes Effective 12-31-16
In California, the market value adjustment is limited to the surrender charge or 0.50% of the accumulation value at the time of surrender. See updated brochure for details.
Get Your NAC IncomeChoice 7 Updated Materials Now!
Brochures and Disclosures:     7-Year Brochure | 7-Year Disclosure

Important New Business Guidelines: New product features will apply to applications received in the Home Office on or after 12-31-16.

To receive current product specifications:

* Cash with application must be received in the Home Office and issued on or before 12-30-16. Electronic apps/e-App with cash must be electronically submitted and received in the Home Office prior to midnight CST on 12-29-2016 and issued on or before 12-30-16.

IMPORTANT: Pending applications must have all premiums received by 12-30-16.

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