National Western’s SPL

Presented by Gary Peterson

NWL offers a great single premium life with return of premium. However, if you decide to take withdrawals, it is an all or nothing proposition.

Here’s a process where you can offer your clients an alternative by laddering their money. Purchase 2 or 3 policies and spread out the resources. This gives your client the opportunity to use one for Living Benefits, surrender for ROP or leave for transferring assets to their loved ones income tax free. Let us look at an example:

Mr. Jones has $300,000 in money market fund. He plans on leaving it for his grandchildren. With National Western’s SPL, he can purchase $150,000 policy for wealth transfer, $100,000 for living benefits in case of chronic illness, and $50,000 available after three years for additional living expenses. In this way, he makes every opportunity count.

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