National Western – The Score Newsletter

1% Commission Bonus

The commission bonus now applies to annuity applications dated between August 15th and October 15th, and received in the Home Office by October 30th. Click here for full details.

Website Update

The National Western Life company website has undergone a facelift. National Western is pleased to bring you a more intuitive design. If you have questions or difficulty finding anything on the new site, please contact Marketing.

Avoid Delays on Your Pending Business

Please be sure to include a policy number and/or correct agent number on any documents submitted to NWL. Excluding this information will cause delays in processing.

  • To expedite receipt of funds on incoming transfers, a simple phone call from the agent with the client to the transferring company can go a long way.
  • Ensure you’re using the most current forms by using FormSource. Don’t rely on forms that were printed more than a few weeks ago.

Buyer’s Guides for Annuities – Maine

Beginning November 1, 2015, the Annuity Buyer’s Guide is required to be delivered to clients at the time of application in the state of Maine. The guide is available in FormSource on MyNWL and hard copies can be ordered. Click here for a list of states and the corresponding Buyer’s Guide form numbers. Click here to read Compliance Bulletin 04-15 for more information.

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