MYTH: “I won’t need life insurance when I retire.”

Presented by Brian Leising

Four responses you can use with your clients.

  1. Really? So, that means you are getting a free funeral?

The last time I checked, it is actually against the law to dump a body in the nearest ditch, bury someone in the backyard or cremate your remains in a giant bonfire (marshmallows anyone?). You won’t die for free. Cremation may cost less than a traditional burial, but morticians and funeral homes still like to be paid for their services. Why reserve dollars you could spend and enjoy when a basic life insurance policy will cover your final expenses for pennies on the dollar? With no planning, you will become a burden to your family. (Unless they’re skilled with large bags, ropes, rocks, have a large car trunk and live near a body of water. Oh, wait, that’s the other kind of Family.)

See response #2 next week.

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