Leave-On Money

Presented by Brian Leising

You can’t take it with you, but you can maximize what you leave behind

How many of your clients have “leave-on” money, funds they don’t need to live on but to pass on? What kind of advice have you been able to give them on this money? What commissions have you been able to generate in these situations? (Not much I’ll bet) How would your clients react if you could double or triple their legacy funds with no additional risk, immediately?

What do consumers have now?

Seniors that have their own financial affairs in order want to leave a legacy to their family. Many view the stock market as too risky and place their money in the bank, keeping it safe. Others like to avoid current taxation with funds in annuities and qualified accounts.

What’s wrong with that?

Money in the bank – earns next to nothing, and those meager earnings are taxable.

Money in annuities – represents a tax time bomb; these funds will defer taxes to the next generation, likely during their peak income earning years and highest tax brackets.

Money in qualified funds – like annuities but worse as RMD’s may be required and every dollar is taxable.

What’s the solution?

Wealth transfer life insurance can help your clients leverage their legacy funds, often providing two to three times their current value, immediately. A one-page application without a medical exam is all it takes to improve your clients’ situation and yours as well. Don’t leave money on the table. Help your clients with their “leave-on” money.

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